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    What are the benefits of using our Insulated Panels?

    What are the benefits of using our Insulated Panels?

    Whether you've just created the shell of a garden room that you can't wait to start using, the roof has been blown off a building on your farm, your garage roof could use a little TLC or anything in between, you're going to need a roof and more and more people are turning to insulated roof panels as their preferred choice. But why?

    Keep reading and we'll reveal why our insulated roof panels are so popular, and why our customers trust our roof panels over traditional and alternative options.

    What is an insulated roof panel?

    Our insulated roof panels are constructed using our revolutionary QuadCore insulation core, which is bonded between an external metal face, made from a steel composite to give the panels reinforced strength. We created our roof panels to give those undertaking DIY projects or larger commercial projects the highest quality materials to be able to ensure their project is extremely durable whilst easy to use.

    Our roof panels ensure any structure can benefit from a dynamic and robust roof in place that is easy to install and quick to erect compared to uninsulated and traditional building materials.

    What can insulated roof panels be used for?

    Whether you’re constructing, remodeling, or making changes to a structure, our insulated roof panels can be used for a wide range of applications, however, here are some of the projects that have proven popular with our customers:

    • Garage Roofs

    • Carports

    • Lean-tos

    • Agricultural buildings

    • Garden Rooms

    When it comes to how you use our insulated roof panels, the only limit is your imagination.

    How do insulated roof panels compare to traditional roofs?

    Now of course we are slightly biased, but the fact that insulated roof panels are as popular as they are is a testament that they are one of, if not the best solution for your roofing requirements.

    Our roof panels are more durable, yet lightweight compared to traditional roofs. Regular roofs can also experience excessive flexing and bending over time, compromising the strength of the roof and the structural integrity of an entire building. However, our roof panels provide enhanced strength and remain rigid even under extreme pressure. You can see just how strong our roof panels by viewing our strength test video by clicking here. 

    Quick and easy to install

    Everyone is in a hurry these days and that is especially true if you're looking to install a roof on a building as the great British weather approaches. 

    Compared to a roof that is built using traditional materials and methods, which requires a variety of materials and a high level of skill to install, which can often take many days to construct, a roof that uses our insulated panels is much easier to install and only requires minimal fixtures and fittings. This speeds up the build process dramatically and results in far fewer errors during the build itself.

    Each panel can also be supplied in a range of sizes, resulting in less waste and easier calculations for the number of panels that you require for your roof.

    Low maintenance and built to last

    Whether you're building a roof for your garage, office space or anything in between, you can rest assured that your roof will be in place for many years to come thanks to the durability of our insulated roof panels.

    Each panel is rigid and the design enables water and debris to flow down the roof much better than traditional building materials. Our roof panels can also withstand significantly more damage compared to roof tiles or other common roof materials. 

    Maintenance is also a breeze in comparison. Each panel has a smooth surface which makes it much easier to remove any debris that may build up over time, and with each panel being so easy to maintain you will be left with a roof that looks its best for much longer.

    Considering using insulated roof panels for your next project? We like your style.

    We have a range of insulated roof panels available and we have one of the fastest lead times in the sector, so you could complete your project much sooner than you think if you choose The Insulated Panel Store.

    You can view our full range of roof panels by clicking here.

    Still got a question? Our customer service team will be happy to help you select the perfect product. Give them a call today on 0808 196 9212 or complete our online enquiry form below.