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    We recommend a flat solid base for our Garden Rooms. Our three showrooms have been built on Concrete Paving Slabs, timber sleepers and an entire concrete base.

    A competent DIYer can install our Garden Room Kits in less than 1 Day. We had a team of 3 people at our training rig install in less than 3 hours.

    Garden Room Kit

    Product Depth U-Value (W/m2K)
    QuadCore KS1000 RW Roof Panel 80mm 0.23
    QuadCore Coldstore Panel 100mm 0.18
    QuadCore AWP Panel (Floor) 60mm 0.32

    Roof Panel

    Product  Depth U-Value (W/m2K)
    QuadCore KS1000 RW Roof Panel 40mm 0.47
    QuadCore KS1000 RW Roof Panel 80mm 0.23
    QuadCore KS1000 RW Roof Panel 137mm 0.13

    A U-Value value shows, in units of W/m2K, the ability of an element to transmit heat from a warm space to a cold space in a building, and vice versa. The lower the U-Value, the better insulated the building element.

    Our design uses a base channel to secure the garden room in place. The base channel will need to be fixed to a suitable base footing which will keep the structure in place.

    Our Garden Rooms are all extremerely strong and durable and do not require a timber frame. Our panels interlock to create a building with exceptional structural integrity, no additional support beams are required.

    Our Garden Rooms do not include vents, the technology within our panels means you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, however, you can add your own vents if you require them.

    Yes, you can. The panels that form our garden rooms do not include window cut outs, however, you can cut the panels to suit your required opening size.

    Yes, the panels used to create our garden rooms can be overclad with a range of materials (not sold by us). The process is easy. You simply need to install timber battens on the face of the panels, then clad over using a suitable facade of your choosing.

    We offer an assisted delivery service. Our friendly team will offload your delivery to wherever you require, if access allows.

    Planning Permission

    Garden rooms are classified as outbuildings and therefore fall under permitted development rights for householders. Structures that are regarded as permitted developments do not require planning permission. However, they must comply with all conditions specified under planning laws. Should you be unsure of the conditions specified under the permitted development laws, please contact your local council planning department.

    Building Regulations

    We would recommend that you contact your local Building Control Department to enquire whether your structure and the building use will require building regulations approval.

    It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that all Planning and Building regulations are satisfied by the relevant local departments, and the use of the building falls within the building regulation and planning stipulations.

    We do not recommend log burners being installed in our garden rooms. As the insulated panels are so thermally efficient, a log burner would produce too much heat for the garden room. Should you decide to install a log burning stove or similar solid fuel burner, we would strongly recommend that this is carried out by a specialist HETAS approved contractor, to ensure that the installation is suited to our products.

    When ordering our panels, it is important to understand the Cut Back When manufacturing our panels, at one end of the panel the insulation is left short, to act as a drip. The panel length we sell, is calculated as the top sheet length.