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    Inspection & Maintenance

    Parts of a building on which colour coated sheets have been used, especially roofs, should be inspected and if necessary, cleaned regularly. If any defects are found in the coating they should be repaired immediately, in order to ensure long life. This section tells you how to get the best possible performance from our Insulated panel materials by inspection and maintenance based upon that inspection. Time spent reading this section and acting carefully on its advice will repay itself in excellent service from the products used, with the least possible maintenance. We recommend that you employ specialists to restore the coating, if that is necessary. 

    What to check for

    Check for: Action:

    Blocked gutters
    Blockage may cause overflow into a building.

    Clean and wash out any blockage.

    Build-up of debris
    A build-up can cause wet poultice corrosion

    Remove debris and wash the area as outlined in washing below.

    Dirt retention in areas of cladding not washed naturally by rainwater, e.g. overhangs
    This affects the appearance of the building and could, if left, cause breakdown of the coating.

    Wash down, see Washing within the inspection & maintenance manual.

    Mould growth
    This rarely occurs but can arise in extreme conditions and affect the appearance.


    Please contact for more information.


    Drilling swarf, rivet stems and other fixing debris
    These can rust and cause staining.

    Remove debris

    Condition of fasteners
    Faulty or inappropriate fasteners can cause leakage, or rust staining on the surface of the cladding, or both.

    Replace faulty fasteners and any missing caps.

    Condition of colour coating
    Peeling of coating, uneven fading, blistering and cracking and local scratching are all signs of the need for repairs to the coating.

    Please contact for a list of recommended paint suppliers.