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    We're committed to creating sustainable construction products

    We're committed to creating sustainable construction products

    As the world heats up, weather becomes more volatile and food and water issues continue to rise across the globe, it's never been more important to protect our environment, which is why we are committed to creating more sustainable construction products.

    We love the planet we live on and we want to make sure that future generations have a beautiful place to live. As a business we are continually assessing how we can do more including how we design, manufacture and deliver all of our products.

    Planet Passionate

    As part of the Kingspan Group, we are proud to be committed to the Planet Passionate programme, which is a group-wide initiative and a ten year commitment to improve sustainability.

    The aim of this initiative is to help us as a business improve our sustainable practices, from project planning, through to manufacture, deliver and install, whilst also lowering our carbon footprint and becoming more efficient in the use of renewable energy.

    By working together we can, move to a clean energy future, better manage the earth's resources more sustainably and ultimately protect our natural environment.

    We are joining other members of the Kingspan Group in a pursuit to be sustainable as possible and in the coming years we will move to ensure that all of our products are: 

    • Manufactured using renewable energy and harvested rainwater;

    • Manufactured in zero waste facilities;

    • Packaged in recyclable materials;

    • Enabling lower whole-life-carbon in buildings;

    • Using recycled materials and cycled production waste


    One of our key focuses of the initiative over the next 10 years is to improve the circularity of all Kingspan Group products, including everything manufactured by The Insulated Panel Store, by recycling and reusing as much material as possible, whilst also using as little energy as possible.

    By 2025 we aim to play our part in ensuring that 1 billion PET bottles are upcycled into insulation and that all QuadCore insulation utilises upcycled PET.

    We're also aiming to achieve Zero company waste to landfill by 2030.

    Our products

    Many elements of our current product range, including our roof panels, garden rooms and more are reusable or recyclable, whilst our manufacturing methods are helping us to reduce waste without compromising on quality.

    We're also in constant contact with our suppliers, to ensure they share our same vision and adhere to the same high standards that we uphold relating to sustainability.

    Join us on our mission

    We have big ambitions to help save our planet and we want you to join us on our mission by also playing your role in the fight against climate change and the push to live more sustainably.

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