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    Cost comparison - heating your house vs heating your garden room

    Cost comparison - heating your house vs heating your garden room

    With the cost of living increasing and gas and electric bills at an all-time high, many of us are looking at more affordable ways to stay warm, instead of heating our entire homes. Garden rooms have become increasingly popular as an alternative space for working and socialising. They provide many benefits, with energy efficiency being one of them. But how cost-effective are they? It’s time to find out. Keep reading to discover which is more cost-effective, heating your home or your garden room. 

    Heating your home v your garden room

    Heating your home is currently more expensive than ever, so we’re exploring if heating your garden room is any more cost-effective. Garden rooms provide the ideal space for a range of uses from home offices to private gyms and workshops. And, they also have a number of surprising benefits when it comes to heating.

    Less time, less energy 

    Starting with the obvious, smaller spaces take less time and energy to heat, so your garden room will naturally be much cheaper. It will heat up quicker and stay warmer for longer, saving you money, at a time when you need it the most. As well as this, there is the added convenience of it being just one room, meaning you will avoid the hassle of having to turn radiators off in unused rooms in your house.


    Our garden rooms are well-insulated so you will be able to comfortably use them all year round. Made with high-quality QuadCore Insulated Panels on the roof, walls and floor meaning you will be kept cool in the summer but most importantly, warm in the winter. The panels combine an internal liner and insulation layer offering great thermal insulation and structural performance. Plus, you’ll use far less heat than you would if you were heating your home and because of their powerful insulation, they retain heat well. 


    Heating one of our garden rooms is easy and much more cost-effective than your home because it can be heated using a small electric heater rather than an old-fashioned gas system. Electric convector heaters are inexpensive to install and will heat the room up quickly making it an excellent way to save energy and reduce the cost of heating. In addition to this, electricity provides 100% efficiency, meaning no waste and optimum value for money. 

    For example, using a 600W infrared heating panel heater to heat one of our garden rooms would cost you 20p an hour to use. Compare this to the cost of running gas central heating in your home - If you're connected to mains gas, it will cost around 11.51p per kilowatt-hour to heat your home. This means that if you have a 24 kW boiler, you can expect to pay around £2.76 per hour to run it on mains gas. (Information correct as of the October 2022 price cap. 25 Nov 2022). This works out as over 7 times more expensive than heating your garden room using an electric heater. 

    So, with the right heating and insulation, it is much more cost-effective to heat your garden room than your home. If you work from home or you want a warm, cosy space to hang out with friends, it’s probably time to invest in one of our garden rooms, and it’s easier than ever thanks to our fantastic finance offers.

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